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Najim Mollou: Rising Musical Artist Making Waves

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With his new album, “Night Vibes” Najim Mollou’s journey as a musician is on the rise. As he states, “Nobody becomes a star overnight”. The same was the case with Najim, the rising star who fought with many struggles before he finally reached the position where he currently stands.

His childhood was never an easy part too. His passion for music diverted his attention from almost every other thing in life. This included studying or other children’s activities like playing football. Nonetheless, none of this mattered to Najim. As long as he had his music, he was happy. He used to spend hours in his rooms after school writing songs and testing different rhythms. As a result, he decided to turn his passion into a career.

According to Najim, no success comes easy like a piece of cake. Instead, we have to strive to earn it. One can’t just sit back and wait for good opportunities to knock on their doors. Instead, they need to get up, show the world that they are capable of such opportunities to be able to capture them.

As a result, such an approach takes constant struggle and hard work to achieve your goals. In Najim’s case, he too had to struggle hard before he got the result of his efforts. He practiced one song in different approaches before finally deciding on his style. He used to go from one producer to another looking for constructive feedback to make himself better.

As Najim watched the world developing with technology, he realized that the world of music had evolved too. Thus, to perform better he had to stay up to date as well. Therefore he started studying the songs that were trending, met with different artists, and most importantly he practiced everything himself before he could reach a conclusion about what melody was the best. The best part about Najim was that he was never someone who just went with the flow. He always thought out of the box. He always wondered about ideas that would help his music stand out from other artists.

It was his efforts and dedication that helped Najim become famous with his new album. Today his music has reached all around the world, and people from every corner of the globe praise him for his music.

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