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Polite Portrays a Dedicated Artist with Aspirations to Change New York’s Rap Culture.

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Polite is an up-and-coming recording artist from New York. The young artist began his musical journey at the age of thirteen when he started creating music and took courses in Studio Engineering and Production. Since then, he’s found a genuine love for making melodies. When asked about his music, Polite describes it as melodic hip-hop with a catchy sound. He takes inspiration from fellow artists like Lil Wayne and 50 Cent, who have been legends in the rap game, but has created his personalized sound. His lyrics are constructed with relatability in mind, but they stem from personal life experiences. Financial struggles, hunger, homelessness, lack of role models, and being the oldest growing up with a single mom are some topics he’s covered in his music thus far, which have generated some relatable songs. The rapper is set to change the hip-hop world entirely; for now, keep an eye out for the constant singles he’ll be releasing.

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