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Talib Kweli & Jeff Ross On Chappelle’s COVID Shows, Bea Arthur, USO Tours, Etc | People’s Party Full

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In this episode of “People’s Party With Talib Kweli,” Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down stand-up comedian, writer, director and actor — as well as good friend of both Talib and Jasmin:


Here’s what we discussed with the Roastmaster General himself:

• How Jeff is part of the People’s Party origin story.
• How Jeff’s rule of hugging after every roast battle came to be.
• Where his thick skin came from and why it’s such an important part of how he lives his life.
• His experience performing at Chappelle’s Yellow Springs Summer Camp.
• The story of his uncle “Mean Murray” and how he inspired Jeff.
• Evaluating Donald Trump’s sense of humor and a discussion on whether Jeff would roast him again.
• Talk of his longtime, close friendship with Dave Chappelle.
• Being asked to attend his first Friars Club Roast of Steven Seagal.
• What actress Bea Arthur told Jeff after his roast of her went viral.
• How he handled the feeling of being pigeon holed as the “roast guy”.
• Billionaire Richard Branson pouring his drink on Jeff’s head following a roast.
• Valuable advice from his mentor, legend Buddy Hackett about comedic success.
• DL Hughley changing BET’s ComicView by roasting audience members.
• Jeff’s quote of “hitting the comedy clubs is like hitting the gym”.
• Why he thinks that he’s been able to roast Black people in a way that may come off as racist if someone else tried it.
• Being behind the scenes during Jamie Foxx’s ethering of Doug Williams.
• What Shaq told Jeff about pulling any punches.
• Experiences had while entertaining troops in Iraq and how it changed him.

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