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KashMania Snack Out – “Kashmania” (Official Music Video)

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This hip hop child prodigy is currently trending for his cover version of the smash single “Outside (Better Days)” by MO3 & OG Bobby Billions.
The lyrical message not only highlights that gun violence needs to be stopped, it also underscores the impact that this national public health epidemic has on Kash and other children in the community. The inspired young rapper is from Little Rock, AR, where an average of 44 adolescents are killed as a result of gun violence annually. Firearms are also the second leading cause of death of children in teens throughout the state. The track depicts how the youth can’t go outside to have fun because they are scared of what could potentially occur. Our babies are literally shell-shocked from the actions of those who should be protecting and providing for them; and they are going further to beg us for peace. A sign that boldly reads, “Stop Violence,” in the official video.

Following up on the inspired rapper’s creativity, it was learned that Kash independently came up with the flow pattern to his song “Snack Out,” which features Boosie Badazz. Through his journey, Kash formed various relationships that helped him accomplish his goals of inspiring kids and even adults. His father expresses sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed along the way. Clarity, purpose, and passion (yes, coming from a preschooler!!!) are exuded in his music and favor the interest of everyone listening to his creations. His dad also discussed audience feedback, “You see it in the comments, people [said how they ride] with [their] kids listening to this… it’s clean, we talk about fun, all types of kid stuff. It’s [even] fun for the parents to listen to in the car!” This song is not only a call to action for gun violence, it’s a call to action for families and communities to band together more tightly and truly change the culture of our relationships and how we handle conflict amongst our own people.

Furthermore, Kash Mania has a brilliant talent for baking cookies and making juices called “Snack Out Punch,’’ which was inspired by his song “Snack Out.” Kash is also motivated to continue making music so that he can remain rooted in his community via civic engagement. For instance, at his single release event on August 4th, he not only performed his new song “Snack Out”–which was his favorite part of the night–but he also decided to give away PlayStation consoles, different types of shoes, and iPads to lucky fans. In addition to rapping and helping other people, Kash loves to play Roblox. Stream Kash Mania’s music across all platforms including iTunes and Spotify. Check out the Snack Out video here!

Follow Kash Mania, the civically engaged childhood creative, on his social media handles:
Facebook: KashMania

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