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10 Independent Artist You Should Know About in August 2021

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Gaining exposure as an independent artist can sometimes be difficult. Here are 10 artist that are breaking these barriers and making noise all while being independent:


EPROD was born in Toronto, Canada. After moving around the country his family finally settled in Brampton, Ontario when he was 11 years old. EPROD began meeting local rappers that were gaining massive attention throughout 2016-2021 due to their popular songs being released. He has honourable mentions such as Pressa, Top5, and Swaggerrite. Aside from throwing the cities most legendary events, recording and producing hit records, EPROD is a man of many talents, one of them being directing and editing music videos. Eventually EPROD used his popularity and skills to help out a local label called Karma Wave Records. At his time working with the label they brought some of the biggest acts across North America including names like Jacquees, Jay Critch, 2020 Juno Award winner Töme and many more! During the pandemic EPROD managed to linkup with 645AR to make their single “Buttons” which took off landing over 15,000 streams in a month and growing daily. Check out on EPROD on Instagram


Newport News, Virginia artist BMP has a special unique flow with metaphors that will catch your attention from the first time you hear his music. BMP is known for his up tempo tracks and gritty punchlines. He is set to make his mark in the music industry even if he has to kick the doors open. BMP is active in his community hosting several charity events yearly. BMP recently purchased a brand new car for his mother all while being an independent artist. He is proud of all his accomplishments while being independent. BMP plans on releasing more music to end 2021 and some big features that would be announced at a later date. Follow BMP on Instagram @BMP1OF1


ShaiVA is a rising independent artist from Virginia. He is the creator of the Sub Genre “ Trap Conscious Musik “ which is becoming highly recognized in his home town. Going viral on TikTok is his specialty, Shai’s recent hit single “Basketball” has reached over 10 million people globally. The message of the song has impacted a lot of youth on the TikTok platform encouraging them to play the sport they love and pursing their dreams. Virginia is not the easiest state to make it out of. Somehow, ShaiVA has found a way to take his talents to the next level. With over 5 million views on TikTok. ShaiVA is confident his time is coming as he remains consistent and drops quality music to the masses. Follow ShaiVA on Instagram @Shaiva_23


Popularly known as PROFESSOR RIPFACE, Yohannes is a Toronto born and raised musician, born to Jamaican parents. In 2020, Yohannes entered the music industry with the artist name “Professor Ripface.” He believed that this name would best describe the mix of both his personalities. “Professor” portrays the side of Yohannes that enjoys learning, reading, and mastering new skills. “Ripface” represents his street side which is raw, uncensored and unapologetic. His single “Money Right” has been featured on major platforms such as, and Upn6xt Media. Professor Ripface is embraced and acknowledged by other artists in the industry and even received a special shout out by his favorite artist, “Jadakiss.” Yohannes understands his essence as a musician and continues to evolve by constantly working on developing himself and his craft. He is passionate about giving the world refreshing and energetic music. He also enjoys sharing his life experiences with his audience and hopes to inspire people who are faced with similar challenges. Follow Professor Ripface on Instagram @professorripface


Eugene Hankins aka Genie is a 24 all around natural performer and creative recording artist from Des Moines, Lowa, U.S. Aside from being an extremely versitle artist he is also known for sound engineering. Eugene started his music career in his early teens recording and mixing for himself and others, spending sleepless nights perfecting his craft. Inspiring his listeners with his sound and go get it attitude, Genie is definitely destined for greatness. The Des Moines, Lowa native is proving he is a force to be reckoned with, from a small city with big dreams. You can book him at and keep up with him on Instagram @eugenehankins


Feenyx is a 29 year old Artist from West Virginia living in Atlanta, GA for the last 8 years. Not only is he a unique rapper, he also shoots his own music videos, and engineers his own music. Coming from a place like West Virginia you have to learn how to do everything yourself or else it won’t get done. Feenyx was the opening act for Young Jeezy, Casino, Lloyd & K Camp. His mother being an Apostle, Father being a Teacher, Feenyx was a born leader, his label TYMELESS is a company he hopes can open doors for other artists just like him. Rise in Power in Stores Now! Follow Feenyx on Instagram @thefeenyx


Hailing from Petersburg, Virginia BozDaGoat’s Gritty yet lavish lifestyle which is continuously shown on social media is the fuel behind the rapper receiving a substantial amount of major co-signs from Atlanta legends and similar love from smaller regions like Memphis. BozDaGoat has one foot forward towards a successful music career as he racks up hundreds of thousands of streams and youtube views. He is working on new music and visuals to end 2021. He is extremely excited for 2022 as he accomplished a lot independently this year. Keep up with BozDaGoat on  Instagram @boz_dagoat

Rowdy Man

Rowdy man is talented rapper from upstate New York. He is receiving a lot of attention especially after dropping his hit single “Crew”  which was a huge shift for Rowdy as he switched up his flows and delivery on this track gaining him a decent number of new fans and followers. Being a naturally passionate person Rowdy believes that hard work pays off and he was made for the music industry. As Rowdy continues to grind and work his way to the top the independent artist is planning on collaborating with bigger names in the industry to help him gain more exposure. Follow Rowdy Man on Instagram @rowdy_mann

Mu Real

Mu Real was born in Newark NJ but raised in Irvington. His rap name Mu “Real” comes from him believing in making music based on his reality and also keeping it real in everyday aspects of his life. Mu’s music has motivated a lot of his fans as he story tells with upbeat melodies complimented with his unique cadences. His wordplay is industry level while only being independent. Mu Real has accomplished a lot independently, he has 3 songs surpassing 100, 000 streams without being backed by a major label. Mu’s latest single “Act Right” peaked at #1 on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts in South Africa and #15 for all Genres as his international fanbase keeps growing. Mu Real is just getting started and is currently working on releasing a-lot of new music and visuals to end the year. Follow Mu Real on Instagram @mu_reaaal

Drippy Global

Drippy Global is a 28 year old dynamic entrepreneur and fast-rising musical artist from the city of Zanesville, Ohio. In the last four years Drippy has surged into recognition on the music scene with his peculiar blend of experimental sounds, visuals and stimulating lyrics. Drippy has made immense strides as an independent artist averaging 100, 000 streams on every song he releases despite not having the support of a major label. In addition, his debut visual for the single “Rolling Stone” amassed more than 30,000 views within four days simply by peer reviews and word-of-mouth promotion. In the coming years, Drippy Global aims to be one of the leading names in the music industry with worldwide recognition. Also plans on his clothing line “The World Shall Drip Forever” to become a million dollar company. Follow Drippy Global on Instagram @drippyglobal

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