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Popaperc Releases Highly Anticipated Album “PLUGNSOCKET”

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With the release of his new album “PLUGNSOCKET”, Jeff Turnage, better known by his rap name, Popaperc, proves that despite being early in his career, he is someone to truly look out for in the industry. Clearly a once in a generation talent, he establishes himself as a powerful voice with inspiring messages backed by invigorating beats. He stands out with a distinct style — unique flows and melodies against exciting drill beats on some tracks and more mellow vibes on others. He has a cadence and attitude similar to that of Jay Z and Pop Smoke on his songs, but he has transformed these influences into his own special sound that stands out from a lot of other Hip Hop and Rap that is currently out there. 

The album opens with “Avet”, a slower paced track that is dense and richly layered over its entirety. It is an early introduction and indicator into Popaperc’s versatility as an artist. He is able to thrive on tracks such as this, while switching up several times over the course of the album ensuring that there is something for everyone.

The next few songs following “Avet” follow much of the same vibe. They sway more towards an R&B feel with softer hitting beats and melodic flows. On tracks like “Kepit 100” and “Thous”, features by artists Ak and Oshn can be heard, each of them adding their own flair to the songs and diversifying the feel of the album through the collaboration. Their voices complement the energy of both songs well and fit in perfectly with the overall feel of “PLUGNSOCKET”. 

While these tracks are more soulful at their base, others such as “45” and “Shvr” are pushed by resounding bass lines and sharp snares that create a haunting, yet rhythmic feel. The hard hitting beats are matched by expert lyricism with Popaperc emphatically rapping: “I got the juice / I got the moves / Life and death, damn / But you have to choose”. 

The album continues on with more standouts such as “Gwolly”, a trap inspired beat that opens with a piano backed bounce and flickers of horn synths. “PLUGNSOCKET” rounds itself off with a strong double threat that comes in the form of the songs “Soswee” and the title track “PLUGNSOCKET”. Each combines elements of the earlier songs on the project to provide a fitting end to the albums 40 minute run. 

“PLUGNSOCKET” is an electrifying album that brings together an array of different styles and musical elements to create a comprehensive masterpiece that anyone can enjoy. The album expands beyond the bounds of Hip Hop, taking note of familiar influences while still having a sound that is solely unique to Popaperc.

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