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Former NFL player A. Johnz Goes Back To His First Love, Music

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Growing up in the small town of Leland, Mississippi, A. Johnz was presented with many life challenges, but writing, singing, and also listening to music, has been very therapeutic over the years and have helped him overcome every challenge.


A while ago, while struggling to come out of a rough patch A. Johnz penned a song called “Million & One.  

“It’s a very personal song that helped me through my struggles, just a song harping on the fact of giving up isn’t an option. Some of the lyrics read ‘I fell a Million times but imma get up a million and One’ meaning every time I’m rejected, or down in the dumps, or even make a terrible mistake, it’s not the end of life” He told us. “There are no perfect beings just prideful ones and that’s where most of the judgments come from.” A. Johnz added.


After his NFL career A. Johnz decided to peruse his first love, a soulful sound that tells a story of life, music. The artist started falling in love with music and perfecting around town at an early age. While listening to his music you can hear the inspiration he drew from music greats like Luther Vandross, Dave Hollister, Smokie Robinson, Guy, Avant, Donell Jones, Gerald Levert, and Sam Cooke. 


His new single “Ride With Me” from his latest album Love vs Lust has already been viewed by half a million fans on YouTube.




“The way the song came about, is me and my wife was actually headed to pick this car up you see in the picture. I previously had the beat listening to it and had a whole different concept until we picked the car up. I was getting some mechanical work done to it and immediately when I got back home the hook popped in my head out of nowhere and it was on from there.”


Music has been a great factor in A. Johnz life and he wants to share a message to anyone that is coming out of a storm or heading into a storm of life, “Know that it doesn’t last forever and it too shall pass.”  A. Johnz wants to be a beacon of light and an inspiration to somebody out there struggling right now. “The quicker we all learn that pain is temporary, but also necessary for growth, the quicker we’ll be able to cope with anything.”


If you enjoy his music or want to connect with him feel free to reach out to him on his Instagram @ajohnzmusic.


Music journalist based in ATL but from VA. Connect: @tracymitchellva

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