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Meet The Certifieds, An Upcoming Music Trio Making Waves in The Music Industry

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The Certifieds comprises three artists, namely, Kha-Realz The Realest, Pe$os, and Naz. They all have different inspirations and reasons for making music, which brought them all together. For Kha-Realz, making music was just for fun as he had seen his uncles and cousins make music and wanted to experience the feeling that one has when one has their music. Pe$os, born in Puerto Rico, moving to DR, and now living in the US, had passed through many difficulties and used music as his tool to make him feel better and express his feelings to the world through music. On the other hand, Naz started rapping as he would watch his uncles perform and do videos, and during his teen years, he decided to rap as a reflection of his lifestyle and hood.

Time to Create

The Certifieds make music at different times depending on the mood and schedules of each. For instance, Kha-Realz has no specific time to make his craft. So you will sometimes find him making music late at night occasionally or early in the morning, depending on the feeling and the beat of the song he wants to do. Pe$os, on the contrary, prefers to make his music late at night, like 12 – 3 in the morning, for it is when his mind is fresh to bring better ideas. Naz, like Pe$os, also prefers to make music late at night, at around 1 – 3 am mostly.

In Conclusion

When people come together with one common goal, great things are likely to happen, just like the Certifieds. They aim to make musical hits that could inspire and relate to their listeners, each of them giving the best they can. Together, they have shown great potential as they venture on all genres, establishing themselves to an ever-growing fan base. To get more information about the trio, follow them on their social media platforms @thecertifications_, or mariche_llc on Instagram.

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