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Brandon Carter Fx- The most Unique Musician you will ever see

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When the recession hit, plenty of Wall Street traders were forced to take stock of their position in the financial industry. For Brandon Carter Fx, it was the perfect opportunity to get out and pursue his passion—making music. After completing his second year , set out on his new path as a rapper.

It wasn’t easy, though. Rappers can spend years developing a solid body of original music, releasing mixes along the way. But most of Carter’s experience had been in freestyle battles during college, not in recording studios.

Before recording, I knew how to write and rhyme really well, but that doesn’t necessarily make music or hooks,” Carter says. “David helped me deconstruct my understanding of hip-hop.”

Carter  spent two years analyzing his own flow and meter before releasing his first recordings. Like any good student, he listened to a wide variety of artists beyond his childhood favorite and took careful notes. “The best thing I ever did was that kind of academic approach to it.”

With a second child on the way (a boy) and due any day now, This Singer/ Rapper turned Day-Trader built a bit of a name for himself and brand in the trading world and has made some very notable and accurate predictions in the market as it pertains to price rising or falling in the stock or foreign exchange market. He’s built a brand of teaching hundreds of students over the years, with endless testimonials of the success of his students in his Instagram highlights, teaching students exactly how to do what he does for a living

Brandon Carter Fx sees the changing landscape of the music industry as a valuable entrepreneurial lesson. “Quantity doesn’t always yield quality,” he admits, “but if you always put out music, you always allow fans to grow with you, even if you’re artistically vulnerable. It’s hard to think that as an artist, because you want to epitomize perfection in a project or at least reach for it. But there is function in flaw—you have people who grow with you.” 

You can check more about Brendon Carter Fx on his Instagram @Brandoncarterfx

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