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Zimma’s Highly Anticipated Summer Single “Merry Go Round”

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Over the last six months, Bay Area artist Jake Zimma has put countless hours into the creation of his up and coming single, “Merry Go Round”, which is set to drop this Friday, July 16th. This is a record about different places in the world, phases of life, and lessons learned along the way. Zimma expresses a nostalgic vibe over an upbeat production; a beautiful recipe for a summer classic. 


Zimma is known as one of the hardest working up and coming artists. He’s been studying music giants such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Anderson Paak since he was a child. His drive is fueled by his passion. If he’s not creating music, he’s learning and connecting with other creators that he can learn from and create synergy with. He says regardless of what happens in his life, the one constant he will always have is his love and passion for creating music.. This has allowed Zimma to cultivate a wide ranging arsenal of talent and a loyal audience all around the world. 


Jake Zimma is on the rise, and his summer hit, “Merry Go Round” is finally here. 

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