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Resonate To Your Own Frequency With DJ Eric McNeil’s Latest Track “Resonate”

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Right now, “Resonate” is smashing records all across the internet. There isn’t a single streaming platform that hasn’t yet been struck by this track. This song has unquestionably placed Eric McNeil on the map.

His latest EP has been published this year and features three songs: “Restart,” “Reflect,” and “Resonate.” The songs were chosen in such a way that they may be played together. This is obvious because after you’ve played them, you’ll want to play them again and again.

Eric is well-known for his ability to come up with original tunes and sounds. The song “Resonate” exemplifies this. Even though you try, you can’t get the song out of your brain.

On all social media channels, DJ Eric McNeil is now trending. Eric is now being discussed by anybody familiar with house music. He is expected to do a lot more in the coming years. Fans are excited to see what he has in store for the future.

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