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Meet International Show, a power-player shaking the grounds of the music industry.

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Introducing the Boston talent with something fundamental to say and an amazingly catchy way of saying it!
Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, International Show is not your average artist. He is so much more than a musician because he wears many hats in his quest to create a genuine connection with the audience and connect with people through wonderful music. Today, International Show stands out for his excellent work in various creative capacities. He happens to be a music composer, as well as a producer, performer, and songwriter. Not one to shy away from creative challenges, International Show is always willing to try new ideas and test new opportunities to set the bar higher and come up with new ideas to engage the audience. Currently, the artist is on the lookout for new and innovative ways to keep expanding his audience, and he is planning on performing live soon, as soon as this COVID-19 madness finally becomes less of a concern in the world!  After all, International Show is a master at telling stories. Each of his songs shares a solid and inspiring message to remind people that anything is possible with the right attitude. International Show himself wasn’t always in the suitable place where he finds himself today. Before embracing God, he had a difficult upbringing, plagued by homelessness and even broken family stories. However, he could get closer to Jesus and eventually use his gift for making music as a force for good in this world. He wanted to tell his story so that others might learn from his experiences, bad or good, to find some much-needed guidance in their lives.
Please find out more about International Show and not miss out on his music, releases, and events.

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