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Lex Lavo holds it down for New York

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Lex Lavo is definitely a name that you want to remember. Representing East Harlem, he brings his own unique talent to the table, embodying versatility beautifully.
Being in the game for over a decade, music means everything to him. It is evident that he has a lot of powerful qualities to add to the music scene. Through extensive lyrical skills, impeccable delivery, and a legendary flow, his presence is felt as soon as you play his music. His soothing voice moves you to your core. His latest project, Bodega Dreams 3, still resonates deeply to this day, undeniably being a classic. As soon as you play Lifestyle, you literally hear NY in the form of music, as Lavo raps about loyalty and day to day life in the city. This is only a small taste and the beginning of what is to come. Stay tuned because Lavo has a lot coming for us that will shake your soul and make you remember his name for decades to come.
In the meantime, check out his Lifestyle video.

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