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Daniel Speicher drops the summer heat with the new song “FEEL.”

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There is a new artist in pop music, Daniel Speicher. With his new EP and single “Feel,” Daniel Speicher began to gain the attention of family music fans worldwide. Daniel Speicher was born and raised in Los Angeles and is no stranger to the family scene. His unique musical style and origin also represent modern dance and family-style, making him famous.

This is a force that cannot be ignored. The feel distinguishes you from other players in the game with its catchy melody and fantastic beat. It shows the level of your creativity and talent. Once you hear “Feel,” you will undoubtedly dance to its rhythm. In addition to “Feel,” there are other songs in his new EP “Right Now” and “Energy.” These songs are slowly and steadily gaining popularity. Rumor Records went to great lengths to portray Nick Foley’s genius ultimately. There is no doubt that he is an artist you should know.

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