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Bentley Record’s Very Own Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah

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Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah has been on a steady rise since his debut to all major platforms back in 2018. The artist says his friends helped him come up with the name and he put on the final touches to his musical title. “Actually, my day-ones came up with my artist name ‘Real Talk’ and I added ‘The Metaphor Messiah’ shortly after,” explained Real Talk.

The rising star’s path to a career in music hasn’t always been a pretty one. Growing up on the south side of Chicago meant Real Talk was living in the trenches, surrounded on the daily by drugs and violence. These were the moments that tested the young MC’s focus and tested his ability to overcome obstacles. “I have had my fair share of things to overcome,” said Real Talk The Metaphor Messiah. “I grew up on the south side of Chicago, where there is a lot of drugs and violence. It is very easy to become distracted. I also had some serious health issues that were difficult. But, with determination and belief in God, I overcame them.”

Real Talk’s earliest moments in music came when he was a kid and wrote poetry. The creative moved into writing lyrics while he was in Job Corps. He and his peers took turns practicing with each other. His biggest inspirations in music came from Tupac and Biggie but he’s also inspired heavily by Nirvana and Bob Marely as well. This mix of inspirations has allowed Real Talk to build his own sound in the Windy City.

Even though Real Talk hasn’t released a new track so far in 2021, it doesn’t mean his records aren’t being spun. The artist has amassed thousands of listeners, boasting over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone. The lack of noise from the artist makes his supporters think he has been working quietly on new material.

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