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Hitman50 Releases New Single “Trials & Tribulations”

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“My Pain that I went through in my life, I just want to Express it because I know Plenty of people been through what I been through or is going through”

Born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles

California.“Hitman 50”, relocated to Long Beach, California at the age of thirteen. Heavenly Influenced by the street lifestyle, Is where the name “Hitman 50” derived from. Hitman50, started doing music in middle school with his friends and rapping outside of a garage. Due to being incarcerated throughout his teenage years, he began to realize he needed a new circle of friends. Hitman’s new acquaintances were already involved in the music business which motivated him to take it seriously. Performing His very first show in 2016 was the start to his official journey as an Artist. Collaborations with Teeflii, Stupid Young, FT Hopout and more, Hitman has reached over 100,000 views and streams. Hitman’s main goal is to simply improve his craft and achieve all his goals he has set. He plans on continuing to build his network, collaborate on more projects and continue to release singles. “ Trials & Tribulations”, out now.

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