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Meet Mogul Kai Canada-King CEO of Independent Record Label Superior Music Company

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Superior Music was founded in Philadelphia in 2020 by Kai Canada-King as an independent label working
to give the people quality, organic music. Our slogan ‘We are SUPERIOR’ speaks to our dedication to paving
a lane in the industry for superb, individualized talent.

Superior Music values the artists’ skill set and gifts and works on total development in preparation for industry demands.

Kai Canada-King began overseeing the growth of her son beginning at age 16, critiquing his sound, evolving his style, and
navigating how songs and sounds were created. This involvement captured her interest and launched into industry research,
management, contract negotiations and promotion as she sought to get him on concert stages and regular air play.

After years working behind the scenes Canada-King’s desire for more versatility in music has lead her to create a safe haven
for creativity and individuality via her independent music label Superior Music. Specifically geared toward the artist that wants
to create their own lane and refuse to be boxed in with eclectic sounds, delivery and forms of music expression.

Living by the mantra ‘dream big or dare to fail’ Kai Canada-King aims to build a legacy of incomparable artists
whose reach impacts the everyday spirits of music lovers everywhere.


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