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How Veva Play Chart Became Viral along with the Billboard Hot 100

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Most Popular can be relating to what’s trending in music. Record charts such as Billboard Hot 100, Rolling Stone, Official Charts, Veva Play and iTunes are the most common music charts that may ring a bell.  These top four charts has been collecting data and are the most trusted to the audience for information. Billboard averages a total of 11.9m followers worldwide. Veva Play is known to be the fastest-growing record chart with over 27.6k followers. This Global chart came into existence around 2017. Veva play was founded by Blazer Barboza, an American rappers based out of Atlanta, GA.

Record Charts Give rappers like Drake  Lil Nas X, Polo G, Lil Durk, Future(rapper), Meek Mill, Jay Z, and J. Cole a platform to impress themselves. This can be from awards they give out to advertising rappers who has reached No.1 on the charts. This helps shows a rapper skill Level.

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