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Charlotte NC is shaping up to be a big hub for hip hop in the southeast region. The city and the whole entire state of NC is producing a lot of great young talent. The name was put together as a reminder that he was different from the rest “IMAODDNIGGA”. A 15 year old Artist out of Charlotte NC with a lot to say to the world. “BLOODY BLOCK” was his most recent album released at the end of 2020. His deluxe album added 5 extra songs that was released on May 7th of 2021 featuring a couple artists from all over North Carolina. “BLOODY BLOCK (Deluxe)” has 14 songs including the original songs featuring Baby Flacko,Yung Drew, Ohdassant,YSJ kudda,& Ynlf tray. Imaoodnigga is under the Papigang umbrella. Except More music from the young artist out of Charlotte !! Check it out!!




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