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Shahn Donovan Pours his Heart Into “Can’t Break Away”

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Born and raised in Laurel, Maryland, Shahn Donovan puts his heart and soul into his new single, “Can’t Break Away.” Shahn recently started putting music out for the world to hear in 2020 but came out the gates hot with this hit. “Can’t Break Away” sits at the top of his most popular on his Spotify, and for a good reason.


Can’t Break Away” is a heartfelt song that oozes real emotion that you can feel in your soul. The beautiful vocals laid down by Shahn Donovan elevate this song to the highest degree and keeps you wanting more. You can feel the real experience that he has gone through, which is a dying art in the music industry today. 


Can’t Break Away” depicts real emotion in the listener and leaves them internally touched after listening. Stay tuned to Shahn Donovan as he looks to release more heartfelt songs in 2021.


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