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North Carolina’s Secret Weapon

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Born Antwon Morrisey in Laurinburg N.C. Tweezymakefire is a talented upcoming producer and is the owner of Tweezymakefire productions LLC, Influenced by Scott Storch, and Zaytoven Tweezymakefire has a southern church feel, piano melody sound. He’s known to his peers for being an elite basketball player then that came to an end after the passing of his grandmother in October 2009, Tweezy felt that basketball wasn’t his calling any more so he turned to the one thing he knew best which was music, “I’ve been around music my whole life, my mama, aunts, and uncles had a quartet singing group in the early 80’s way before I was born and it lasted until about 97 or 98 I want to say I’m the youngest of three kids my brother the oldest he played drums for the group my sister the second oldest and when we was younger we bumped heads every day so half the time my mama wasn’t letting me and my sister stay home by ourselves so we was traveling with them” as Tweezy got older he learned to play the drums from his older brother and then his uncle started teaching him the keyboard by ear “I never wanted to play the keyboard but I got a big family so when we use to be in church on Sunday it’s either you singing on the choir or you playing a instrument simple as that” so he started playing and found it quite easy so then he started producing and has been since 2015 “As a producer right now I feel I’m where GOD wants me to be honestly and everything is happening for a reason the way it do” With no major labels nor major artists Tweezymakefire has been creating a nice buzz so get to know him this guy is special!

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