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Alex Chen Explain How the Music Industry Changed His Life

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“The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.” – Nelson Mandela.

People struggle with so many things in their lives related to their careers, relationships, well-being, and many other aspects. How they get through their struggles determines the person they become. Pop singer and music producer Alex Chen has been there too. Alex came from a lower-middle-class family and fought poverty while living in a garage after his father lost his job. Today, he is a sought-after artist for live shows across the country. He has achieved millions of hits so far on digital streaming platforms, making him a role model for aspiring talent in the music industry.

Alex sang at his local church choir from the age of 12. At 15, he dropped out of school to support his family by working odd jobs. Besides poverty, Alex also overcame discrimination as an immigrant, but that would not deter him from achieving financial freedom. At 19, Alex ventured into business, spending all his savings to start a toy shop. After his business failed, Alex was broke but was wiser than before. He realized that he was never passionate about toys and had no experience in business, which eventually led to his failure. That’s when he decided to pursue a career in music, something he has loved all throughout his life.

To support his passion, Alex started working as a pizza delivery boy during the day and a janitor in the evening. He enrolled in music school and became the fastest learner in his class. He soon discovered his forte in pop music, but Alex never wanted to limit his art to traditional genres. He added subtle notes of EDM to his creations to invent a unique style that instantly separated him from his contemporaries.

In March 2020, Alex released his debut single “I Have Been There” on his YouTube channel. The song became a huge success, earning more than 5 million views in less than three months. Alex poured his heart into the song while talking about his struggles in life. This resonated with the audience when the world was going through a crisis due to the pandemic. The rhythmic pop tune accompanied by subtle notes of EDM further accentuated Alex’s message, developing a deeper connection with his fans.

Following the success of his debut single, Alex released his second song, “Ruined Not Broken,” on Spotify in January 2021. It is a song about the struggles of today’s youth who live with big dreams but have no resources to turn them into reality. “Ruined Not Broken” has a positive vibe that motivates young people to chase their dreams no matter what comes their way. The song went viral almost overnight, earning millions of hits on music streaming platforms and social media. Alex’s rising popularity saw him receive several offers to perform at popular live shows and festivals across the country.

Alex has collaborated with DJ Tod, an A-lister in the NYC hip-hop scene, for his upcoming debut album. Like all his previous releases, Alex also has a message for listeners. Alex believes that his album will live up to his audiences’ expectations, touching millions of hearts. Alex wants to continue making inspiring music and emerge as an artist who is using his craft for a purpose.

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