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How Fresh EP Became An Acclaimed Latin Music Artist

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Born in Brooklyn, New York to Dominican parents, Fresh EP is a music artist who is known for tapping into his Latin roots which have been passed down onto him from his parents.

Fresh EP has made a huge impact as a gifted Latin Music Artist throughout his career so far. His range and talent have made him a true musical force to be reckoned with.

He began seeing professional success around 2017, with the release of his critically acclaimed work “Vibras” with over one million Streams and radio Spins. He has overcome countless obstacles on the way up and continues to work hard every day to keep his musical journey moving forward.

A Kid With A Dream 


“My career started one day in Brooklyn as a kid looking up to other Latin artists and friends that did music in my close circle,” Fresh EP said. 


The young Fresh EP then began writing hooks only because he didn’t know how to structure a full song. But that didn’t discourage him from making music, rather, he focused on making the chorus because he knew that it was what makes a song a hit. 


“I became my own producer as I was a young kid with little to no money, I used FL Studio 4 at the time to make my own beats and learned how to mix in Cubase and Pro Tools. Now I can say I know how to make music with Million dollar quality by myself,” Fresh Ep shared. 


Now, the Latin music artist is working to get noticed and reach more people. 


“The world will know the story of a Latin Dominican Kid from Brooklyn. Being the first to make it from here will be history in the making. The genre Latin Drill will be respected globally; I know and believe that I’m going to change the music and the Brooklyn sound forever,” he said. 


Keeping Things Professional 


In his journey to success, Fresh EP has learned the value of separating his personal life from his professional career. He believes that anything that happens in the business is business and artists like him should learn to stay disciplined at all times so that they don’t make decisions impulsively. 


Moreover, this will allow him and the others who strive to follow in his path to focus on making their dreams a reality. 


“I feel that you should definitely have big dreams but more importantly, focus on making them a reality many will say it is not possible but as long as you believe in yourself and have the determination and discipline you will achieve your goals in life,” he said.


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