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Suso FW Reflects on His Childhood and How His Parents Helped Him Become a Musician

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Parents’ support often plays a significant role in the life of celebrities. And Mahdi Adem, aka Suso FW, is no exception. He was born in Göteborg, Sweden, on 30th July 1999, in a humble family. His parents enrolled him in their neighborhood school. Suso FW’s childhood was like any other kid in his block. He would go to school, come back, do his homework, play with his friends, and go to sleep. But he also had a different hobby that made him stand out – he not only listened to songs and made music using his digital audio workstation.


Musical childhood


Suso FW started listening to rap and hip-hop songs from his friend’s music player. He became so engrossed in the genre that he began to follow musicians like Drake, Chris Brown, Vybz Kartel, Big Pun, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and many more. Drake became his favorite within a few days. 


The young musician was so enthusiastic about these songs that he started learning about creating tunes and mixing audios. His parents didn’t have enough money to send him to music school. But that didn’t stop Suso FW from learning about audio mixing. He went through various musical tutorials on the internet to find out how things worked in the music industry. He was already a musician waiting to explode with his hundreds of tunes and become a superstar in his mind. 


But Suso FW soon got a reality check when many music production companies rejected his tunes. According to their experts, “The tunes weren’t good enough, and Suso FW was too young to fit into the music industry.” Imagine how a young boy would feel when he has so much talent within him, but no one gives him a chance to flourish. Suso FW felt shattered that no one appreciated his work. He had worked hard for so many years, and it was coming to nothing. But that’s the time when his parents supported him the most.


Suso FW’s pillars of success


Most people say that failures are the pillars of success. But for Suso FW, his parents were his pillars. They supported him through thick and thin in his musical journey. His father said, “We knew he had the talent to become a good musician. But it was heartbreaking for us to see him quiet and upset for days after music production companies rejected his proposals. However, it wasn’t the time to weep or become upset because we had to support him no matter what happened. If we broke down, he would lose the confidence to keep going.”


Suso FW never fails to thank his parents whenever someone asks him about their musical career contribution. He says, “I don’t think I would have reached this far without my parents’ support. I always look up to them for advice. They are my biggest fans, and it means a lot to me that they supported my decision to become a musician at such a young age.”


The “Lonesome” singer’s musical journey is truly inspiring. He is a promising young star who is set to become a musical legend in the years to come.


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