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Upcoming Rapper Ray No Face says Hip Hop is Evolving and His Music Reflects It

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Ray No Face has been actively putting in work for decades now. He recalls it all started in 1993, at the age of 9. His role models and biggest influencers were Micheal Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Whitney Houston, and Boyz 2 Men. Since then, Ray No Face has delivered an abundance of great solo material, including his latest music video American Dream Federal Nightmare (ADFN).

“The song represents how ironic it is that no matter what profession we choose in America, whether it be college, military, or something else, we end up owing the federal government somehow.”

However, even though we live in a cruel world with a corrupt system, ADFN by Ray No Face sends out a clear message, don’t let go of your dreams! “Keep pursuing your passion and living your purpose,” he adds.

When asked whether or not he believes things will change for the better, Ray No Face makes it clear that his stance is unwaveringly optimistic, but “It all starts with The Man In The Mirror.”

Ray No Face is an upcoming artist who takes a stance on this new age of Hip Hop. “I actually feel it’s getting better because it’s evolving. Instead of the old traditional methods, it’s breaking into the unknown. I love these new artists and their energy. My music is kind of a mix of an old-school original style electrified with this new age energy. I’m glad to be alive to be a part of it” He also adds that he’s “glad to be alive to be a part of it.”

Ray No Face truly has great potential and a calling to reach the people. He will be releasing new music soon so stay tuned.

If you like Ray No Face’s song ADFN be sure to check out his YouTube and follow him on Instagram @raynoface so you don’t miss anything.

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