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ColFax feat. Marquel Deljuan – “We Love”

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Racism, politics, love, heartbreak, violence and mental health are some of the topics that encapsulate the artistry of Arizona rapper ColFax. At only 15 years old, ColFax started to take music seriously when he met Marquel Deljuan at a park one day. They instantly became friends after he showed Marquel a verse he had written. After being impressed with the lyrics and cadence, Marquel suggested they hop in the studio together with his father, music industry mogul, Iroc Daniels. From that day on, they have been continuously cooking up heat together.

Their latest single, “We Love” is just their most recent work, showcasing ColFax and Marquel’s fire when they get in the booth together. From the opening line “light, light I feel incredible” and the soulful sample melodies in the background, you know this song is about to be lit! ColFax leads the song with some sharp and sudden flows, that paint a picture of thoughts and good music in a car ride while reflecting on everyday life. What’s even more interesting is that Marquel comes in with rich, bold R&B vocals that captivate two minutes into the song. Overall, “We Love” is a casual vibe with a groove that puts many things into perspective.

Fax is definitely on his way to becoming a household name in the industry. His reliability and blunt perspective on society put his music on a whole different level regarding lyrical flows. ColFax is no stranger to live performances either, serving as the opening act for artists such as Talib Kweli, Yo Gotti, and Freddie Gibbs. This year, he is determined to rise to the top – and it’s clear to see it’s only up from here!

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