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Young Serial Entrepreneur Derek Evans is Looking to Expand His Reach Through His Entertainment Company

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When you’re a serial entrepreneur like Derek Evans, being involved with one or two industries isn’t enough to secure success. Like any business-minded person, he decided to expand into another trade that is far different from what he started from. 


Derek Evans is from Reading, Pennsylvania who is an author, speaker, and coach. He is the owner of D.C. Evans and Associates; his current business focuses mostly on finance. He also does company planning, insurance, investments, and even started to get into digital currency with bitcoin mining and forex trading.


He even got to meet 50 Cent at a vodka signing with his friend, DJ Cashmon. 


Creating Black and Pink Media 


Seeing his success in the finance world, Derek is planning on expanding his horizons as a serial entrepreneur. Through Black and Pink Media LLC and to try to get involved in the world of music, video, and fashion.


“My goal is to establish and grow the company. I am working on producing an album which I am a co-songwriter on as well as publishing my third book, Black and Pink: More Than Just Colors, and unveiling a new clothing line. All of this will be done under Black and Pink Media LLC,” Derek said. 

But aside from starting his entertainment company, Derek is also working on releasing his third book. 

A Dysautonomia Warrior 


When he was 17-years-old, Derek was diagnosed with dysautonomia which pertains to several different medical conditions that cause a malfunction of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Later in 2016, when Derek was working as a branch manager at Hertz Rent A Car, he collapsed due to his dysautonomia disorder.


It was at this point that Derek began to question his career. He thought that there must be a better way where he can control his time, money, and how much he worked. He found the answer in creating his own businesses where he has more freedom and control over himself. 


As soon as he recovered, Derek worked to get all types of financial licenses as well as starting D.C. Evans and Associates. He also published his first book “So Close to Death Yet So Far Away” which is about the struggle of living with a dysautonomia disorder.

“Being an entrepreneur, you have freedom but you aren’t guaranteed anything. It is up to you to create value and make your own money. If you don’t wake up motivated with goals set and hold yourself accountable you will find yourself broke quick. Also most important, always try to do what you believe is the right thing,” he said.

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