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William Leahy, aka Downtown, Releases New Single “Irish Spring”

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Rising New Jersey talent William Leahy, better known as Downtown, made his return to the spotlight with his newest release, “Irish Spring.”


The release comes from a very active Downtown, who’s been constantly dropping music to start 2021. The artist has released multiple singles, a three-song EP, and even a full-length, 18 song album to begin his year. Now Downtown just put out “Irish Spring” to follow up his March album “Send In The Clowns.”


“Irish Spring” features a unique combination of a circus-based instrumental with bar for bar lyrics laid on top. Kimbotherapy gives his piece of mind on the track as well, as both MCs talk about getting money no matter what the cost. With Downtown already off to a hot start in 2021, I wouldn’t expect the talent to be hitting the breaks anytime soon.


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