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LJ Bronx Sends A Message With “I Want It, I Get It”

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After the successful launch of his solo career in 2020, LJ Bronx proves himself ready to take the music industry by storm as the hip-hop artist has recorded and released seven tracks—all with music videos—in less than five weeks. LJ Bronx’s album worthy music has received nothing less than critical acclaim, but his recently released track, “I Want It, I Get It”, is the hidden gem that has found a unique surge in public recognition. Inspired by an expensive fallout with his jeweler, LJ Bronx’s “I Want It, I Get It” revolves around the intrepid mindset of formidable hustlers, whose greatest triumphs were attained despite the copious tests and trials that preceded them. In the attention seizing music video, LJ Bronx showcases the opulent lifestyle of a well-accomplished hustler, who brandishes luxury branded attire, topnotch jewelry, bands of cash, and a lavish Rolls-Royce Wraith that lays to rest all skepticisms regarding the success of this hell-bent hustler. And with his swift flow and his proficient phrasing woven together by his charismatic cadence, it is a sure bet that LJ Bronx’s “I Want It, I Get It” has transitioned him from being a breakout artist to a fast-rising star. All ears are tuning into LJ Bronx’s repertoire of music, so to be a part of his surging fandom that will have a first look at his upcoming projects, be sure to follow LJ Bronx on his Instagram, (@LJ_Bronx).

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