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Al Rocco Has “Faith” In His Sound And Life

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China’s Al Rocco has faced adversity throughout his life and had to find an outlet to express it. Dealing with discrimination about his race and issues in his native country tested his “Faith” in humanity but he didn’t give up and persevered. He wants to inspire people to keep “Faith” during tough times. 


Much like his fan base, Al Rocco has “Faith” his latest track will catch the attention of people from all walks of life with his message of keeping hope in the toughest of times such as this pandemic over a gritty, cinematic beat! Awaking yourself within, faith and unity, is the powerful message the song intends to relate to listeners. 


Al Rocco has built a loyal fanbase with over a million followers in him, cast member of MTV Asia’s Rap Of China as one of the main artists who showcased his talent, and hundreds of millions of views & streams on all platforms. 


With that resume, keep “Faith” and assure your next stream in your favorite DSP with this song will be a good one! 


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