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Jug The Illest – Philly To Little Italy

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Ashgods Music independent MC, Jug the Illest was born in Chicago and raised in an area of Juniata, North Philadelphia “Badlandz” where he spent most of his young life and became inspired with graffiti. Growing up in North Philly exposed Jug to the many aspects of the Hip-Hop culture.

When Jug discovered The music part of the culture, he began listening to the music of legendary MC’s like Fat Joe,  Kool G Rap, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, Dr. Dre, Wu Tang Clan, Big Pun and Eminem. Jug became influenced by the urban life and sounds of Hip-Hop, and began his career with music where he devoted endless time educating himself mastering and perfecting his love for the craft.

Jug’s most anticipated EP titled “PHILLY TO LITTLE ITALY” was released on November 27, 2020. Known as the Hottest MC in NYC, creator and host of Turn the Tables Show, Knockout HeavyHitter Dj, Terror Squad member Pretty Lou has taken notice of Jugs music and Lou is quoted on Instagram saying “Yo, Jug The Illest I, like what I see, I like It, I like it, keep doing it”.

In this album you will find that the Ashgods Emcee is no stranger when it comes to the art of storytelling. Jugs’ lyrical word play, intricate raw metaphors, punchlines and cadence captivates listeners and paints pictures that spark the imaginations of his listeners.

“PHILLY TO LITTLE ITALY” features hot collaborations with Terror Squad R&B singer, and songwriter Tony Sunshine on a song called “World Cold”. This song shines light on raising awareness for suicide prevention in hopes that his music changes or helps someone in time of need. The “World Cold” video is out on youtube now. Another collaboration worth noting on this ep album is a song titled, “Covid-19”. This song features D.I.T.C (Diggin’ in the Crates) consignee artist David Bars. Other independent artists that Jug has collaborated with on this EP album are artists like Don Infa and Nichx3 on a song titled ”TRIBUTE”.

Jug informs he has a video coming out soon for the song titled “MY SOUL” stating they’re in the early stages of editing, Jug also gives insight on two (2) new songs he has pending for release. Go to WWW.JUGTHEILLEST.COM to download the album “PHILLY TO LITTLE ITALY” which is also available on all music streaming platforms like Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Deezer, Pandora, and Napster.

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