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Stream Losk33’s Latest Hit ‘Lord Have Mercy’ Feat. Foogiano

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No Parole Entertainment signee Losk33 dropped a brand new track and music video titled ‘Lord Have Mercy.’ On the project, the Atlanta artist joins forces with Foogiano and teams up with superproducer Mercy Beatz. 


‘Lord Have Mercy’ represents Losk33’s signature features – sharp flows, honest and inspired lyrics. On the track, he tells it how it is: what comes around, goes around. Losk33 tells about things that happened to him over the course of his life and maneuvers between hurtful events, as he explains best: “I think I find inspiration in the things I’ve been through in life, it gives me a lot to talk about”


Despite being a rapper who is about to blow up, Losk33 is a humble man and a father who wants to be an example for his children. In his song, he raps, ‘Million dollar nigga but still got a flip phone,’ money and fame don’t impress him as he just wants to create inspiring music to uplift his audience. 


Lost33 describes the style of rap he makes as ‘Testimonial Turnup.’ The genre consists of depicting a picture through words by capturing raw emotions and real situations drawn from personal experiences, and ‘Lord Have Mercy’ is a perfect example of that special blend. 

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