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J.A. Bilderberg gives women their roses in new single “She Down Down Down”

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Born in Stone Mountain GA, Jarvis Parrish, now widely known as J.A. Bilderberg, resides in Long Beach California and is steadily building a career as a dope artist with music that resonates with the masses. Using his music to create concepts based on everyday life, J.A. adds a twist to his compositions that have gained him much recognition past his engineer profession. Having worked behind the rap scene, engineering and producing with various artists such as Future, Gucci Mane, and musical influence Young Thug among others, he’s polished his craft as an artist himself.

His style is fluent and expressive, and his talent shines in his new single “She Down Down Down” featuring Kissie Lee and Da Hood A&R. The track is a shoutout to the women that hold down their significant other and embrace genuine love and loyalty. It is a song that is relatable on a worldwide scale and is an anthem for women deserving of praise for remaining down and true. It has gotten a lot of positive attention and feedback, accomplishing the major honors of being picked up on Bet Jams and for sync licensing on the Starz network.

J.A. Bilderberg rise in the rap game is fast approaching. Follow him as he builds his status within the industry as an artist and stream his hit single “She Down Down Down.”


Instagram: @j.a.bilderberg

Twitter: @jabilderberg



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