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Quan Rite Shares New Song “Yeah Yeah” [Listen]

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Rising artist out of the Bronx, Quan Rite, just dropped his latest single, “Yeah Yeah” – ahead of his upcoming project ‘Rite Now’ set to release on December 31st – as he continues to carve out his own lane with his unique, melodic style – as he expertly rides the line between hip hop and R&B in tone and rhythm.

Yeah Yeah,” the lead single to his upcoming project ‘Rite Now’ is the perfect introduction to his sound. The straightforward 808 beat combined with an interesting yet simple melody produced by NINETY8 gives way to the head-turning, harmonious flow we hear on the record. The sheer confidence and depth of his vocals – mixed and mastered by Hitmaker Dot – combined with his dynamic flow glides over the finely tuned production, making for an incredibly successful and enjoyable track that somehow feels, both familiar and fresh at the same time.

The accompanying visual for “Yeah Yeah” – directed by Director Picaso – is a tightly produced movie featuring Quan Rite flashing big racks in a variety of luxury settings surrounded by all kinds of quarantine baes. Quan’s flashy style, big sound, and affected melodic vocals on “Yeah Yeah” give off, big “if Tory Lanez were from the Bronx” vibes in the best way.

The accompanying visual for the single is set to debut on Christmas Day – before the release of ‘Rite Now’ – his latest project scheduled to drop on December 31st.

Quan Rite was born just a few blocks away from Quad Studios at Bellevue Hospital, on the same infamous night in 1994 that Tupac Shakur was shot. Quan was later adopted by his mother and raised Uptown in the Bronx alongside his sister. At a young age, he would face multiple hardships, starting with the passing of his mother when he was just 12-years-old. As life unfolded, he began to start losing friends and other loved ones to violence in his neighborhood. It was at that point that he made the conscious to be undefined by the burden of life. Through this choice, he began to write poetry as an outlet and escape from reality – but blended with his passion for music made his first song as a tribute to his mother. Quan later found purpose in this outlet of expression.

It was in 2013 that he dropped his first project ‘Rite Way” to a warm reception on DatPiff and HotNewHipHop. It featured early standouts like “Boyfren” and “Pieces” where we can hear Quan honing the early versions of his unique sound and style – which he followed up with a series of freestyles and remixes in 2016. In 2017, he made the decision to step back from releasing music to direct his focus on the perfection of his craft. It was during this time where Quan got connected with and signed to Play Makers Association, a partnership that has propelled him to grow his brand and further hone his sound into the artist we hear today.

Over the years, Quan Rite has put in the work to become a versatile artist. He’s shown he’s able to play on both sides of the ball by displaying a command over melody and R&B vibes on softer tracks like “Runnin Outta Time” and “Playing Games” off his 2020 Valentine’s Day-themed EP ‘Mr. Rite’ – while on tracks like “Time Baby” or “Trap or Die” we hear dynamic bars and undeniable hip hop energy. His most popular track to date, the 2019 single “Flipped It” is a perfect embodiment of these two styles: gliding over a decidedly hip hop beat while highlighting Quan’s smooth, soulful vocals.

The result of all this hard work is the Quan Rite we see today – a gifted, multi-talented artist with a well-defined style and a refreshing hybrid sound that borrows the best elements of hip hop and R&B.

Listeners can already see the huge potential of Quan Rite on his past projects, and now on the new singles “Yeah Yeah” and “SRT”, and will see the product of this hard work on his upcoming project ‘Rite Now’ set to drop on December 31st, 2020. Stay tuned for what’s to come from this rising, refreshing talent out of the Bronx.


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