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Best Christmas Hip Hop song of 2020, King Co or Lil Nas X??

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After a long, trying pandemic filled election year we are finally at the most wonderful time, the Holiday season. People have been as optimistic as humanly possible with the country and world i the state it is. Somehow we have managed to appreciate this Christmas season. What better way to set your holiday party off then a nice playlist filled with your Christmas favorites. This year there was the over the top approach to the season brought to you by the global old town road artist Lil Nas X with “Holiday”. Then their is the underdog. The under appreciated, lyrical baritone that magically landed on my playlist after I saw a viral hip hop dance group by the name of “Future Kingz” make a dance video to it. Introducing King Co and proudly reciting his Christmas hit 3 HOs. With a feeling of home alone nostalgia on the beat and a saavy, thundering vocals Co sets the party off in every way! You can almost consider this the perfect year wrap up with the RIP Kobe shoutout to the wish for a new president (which has now been granted). This is the Holiday Anthem for your playlists! Pour up your Hennesy and Eggnog, toast and enjoy the lit Christmas vibes.


King Co – 3 HOs_COVER

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