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Musician Varun Datta Uses His Inspiration to Make “Vacation”

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Varun Datta is part of the growing trend of internet money entrepreneurs who have found a way to make a living from their cell phones. With this free time Varun Datta has earned, he has now decided to pursue a music career. He has recently released his single “Vacation,” which is inspired by his many travels in his business career. 


Vacation” starts with an underwater feeling that gives the listener a submerged swimming effect. As the song progresses, the underwater feeling begins to surface, leading to the dance drum break. Once fully unsubmerged, the production by Varun Datta is full but also cohesive, making the song feel complete. 


With this release being only his second track so far, it will be amazing to see what other inspirations Varun Datta will bring to his music. 


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