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Junechi Yong is On The Rise

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Junechi Yong is a rap artist out of Neptune, New Jersey. He is known for his melodic style of rap. His love for R&B makes it easy for him to come up with addicting melodies and sounds. Not to mention his pen is pretty sophisticated. It also helps that Junechi Yong can actually sing. He started out making great R&B music that put you right back in the 90s. When he blends the two together along with his savvy word play, you get a sound that can’t be denied.

Junechi Yong’s wordplay and the way he paints a picture of pain, really separates his music from the masses. His recent single “Purpose” is really blowing up, with his video reaching 5ok views on youtube. His most recent album titled “Behind My Mask” really takes you to a place where one can connect with Junechi and really feel what he was feeling when making the songs. Check him out now! You won’t regret it.


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