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Hammo releases debut album ’Invictus’

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Rising from his strengths within, Hammo is a music artist and writer who makes music straight from the depths of his heart

Hammo released his debut album called Invictus on May 15, 2020. The title of the album is a representation of both his boxing career and his life. Before getting into music, Hammo was a Professional Boxer and was well known for his short temper and fighting, both in the street and in the boxing ring.

The album itself is raw and uncut, which illuminates Hammo’s life story from childhood all the way into his early achievements. The name of the album signifies how he’s consistently achieved being unconquerable and undefeated, as it is the literal meaning of the word Invictus. The songs in the album speak about his trials and tribulations of life and how he had to work hard to achieve what he has today.

Notable songs on the album include “HGH Checkmate” featuring American rappers Stitches. Stitches and Hammo connected after Stitches heard Hammo’s song “On Your Own” where he openly and beautifully discusses his depression. Hammo’s depression becomes a source from which he can write what he truly feels. This is something that gives his songs a notable attraction and depth. The audience can find his lyrics relatable because the experiences that he raps about are not uncommon.


His emotions make his music raw and uncut which is why his songs speak some of the deepest aspects of human conditions including loss, depression, and overcoming. There are not many people in the world who can put their feelings into words, and let alone make art out of it. His music taps into emotions through stories of trials and tribulations. Even though he has only been rapping for 12 months, his skills are already making waves.


As a rapper, he has been heavily influenced by 50 Cent, Stitches, The Game, Obie Trice, and Easy E. According to Hammo himself, “my tough upbringing taught me everything that I know today about life, struggle, and success. I place all those lessons in my music for people to hear and learn from”. In relation to his childhood and first experiences, Hammo states that “I have always loved rap music since I was a kid, but I never did anything with it until I wrote my first song, undefeated”. In terms of the future, and what it holds for him, Hammo sheds light on the fact that “I want to remain consistent for all my fans, expect another album in 2021”.


Even though Hammo is still in his early stages of becoming a rapper, he is dedicated to finding his sound as an artist and also his ability to tell stories through the art he makes. He is one of the most consistent artists when it comes to releasing music, averaging a song every 3 to 4 wee

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