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Introducing Rapper LILYGTM

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Introducing Vito Copertino, also known as rapper LILYGTM, who originated from Italy and is now settled in the GTA. This rapper has a quite the unique origin story compared to others in the scene: starting off with a promising soccer career, having being he was playing since a young age. However, it came to an end when he had his first child, to which he would commit his full focus and attention to.

After losing the opportunity to pursue soccer as a career, he lusted to do something positive and influential. But not only for himself, but just as beneficial for his child as well. He decided to pursue a life as a musician. Sticking to the vision he set for himself, Vito has now been an artist for quite sometime now.

With much unreleased content in the tuck, LILYGTM is finally set to release even more music monthly, to grow his already expanding fan-base. All with accompanying music videos as well.

There is no doubt this rapper will be making waves through the GTA and soon after, worldwide. Vito has worked with many other individuals in the scene such as Ilias, Rubicini, and Jiggy Suave. With these talented artists and producers at his resource, we know Vito will not disappoint.

So get familiar with LILYGTM and be sure to follow him across all social media platforms for constant updates.

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