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Sho Underscore – “Doin The Most” (Official Video)

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There’s a famous picture of an army of thousands of soldiers facing the same direction and one soldier facing the opposite way holding up his middle finger with a proud smirk. If hip hop was an army, then Texas native Sho Underscore would most definitely be that soldier in the pic giving the world the biggest “F You” possible. Creating his own style of music he refers to as “Southern Eclectic”, Sho has fathered an art form that you will immediately reject or embrace and cherish like a precious memory. After setting the tone with the release of his LP “What You Here Fo”, the visual for the single from the offering follows up and delivers everything you expected if you heard the project. With the harmonious pitch of an old school sweat covered permed out Southern Baptist preacher, Sho delivers his uncanny rhyme scheme with a method that will leave you humming the melody like Big Mama in the kitchen cooking Sunday dinner. In a time when most songs have the same beat, rhyme flow and subject matter, Sho Underscore interrupts the machine with a style that belongs to nobody else BUT him. Whether you like it or not you have to respect it. He gives you no other choice.

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