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RND Officially – Got ‘Em (Official Music Video)

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In a pandemic, emerging Chicago-meets-Michigan duo Romel Colvard (Romel Cantrell) and Noel Colvard (Yung $piiffii), better known as the Hip Hop group, RND Officially keeps the party going in the new music video called “Got’Em.” Preparation for the newfound duo’s anticipated new project coming soon, the Colvard nabs Myia Paschal on the boards to recreate a classic Hip Hop film. Myia appears courtesy of the newly created label under Askia Fountain’s Fountain Entertainment Group.

In the 1990’s House Party-inspired visual, Romel and Noel go to the hottest party in the city that turns into a night they will never forget. The boys recreate iconic scenes like the living room dance battle with groovy back-in-forth raps, catchy hook and playboy persona. Naturals, the duo choreography their own dance moves, create their own artwork and they even shoot their own visuals. Their electrifying, in-your-face dance moves match the song’s infectious hook, which states:

“Aye, Aye, Aye (Aye) You know we don’t play (Don’t play)/Riding with the gun on me (Me)/Know I keep the hunnits on me (On me)/Booty fat put the buns on me (On me)/And I’m riding till the tank on E (On E).”

“Got’Em” is the intro track off the duo’s latest project, MS2. The 10 track collection features appearances from Frat Jourdine P and 23unofficial. Along with “Got’Em” the album includes fellow fan-favorites “Take A Ride” and “Where’s The Love”. MS2 follows RND Officially’s 2017 debut, Vibez Vol.1.

“Got’Em” is directed by DeVaughn Ballinger. Watch now!

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