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Obnoxious – “OB Style”

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What is the story and inspiration behind “OB Style” of the new release? What does it mean to you? Why did you choose it?

The concept and inspiration for this record was the old school days of hip hop where the Dj would play a dope beat with breaks and you just had to wreck it with a Freestyle whether it was written premeditated or a mix of both and I wanted to bring that feel with this record, let loose, spit bars the whole way thru with no hook and still make you turn up. It’s not a Freestyle it’s a OB Style … So I felt this was the next single to give people to really have fun and vibe out to the beat and lyrics rather than the regular angry stuff I’m known for lol

You shout out Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest in “OB Style”. What is it about him that you feel made him a true lyricist and do you think that new hip-hop doesn’t honor the OGs?

Obnoxious: I feel Phife and the whole tribe are definite legends and lyricists that don’t get enough roses. It’s important for us young artists to always pay homage to the OGs in the game before us and really study the culture and show respect. There are a lot of new rappers that do follow suit and a whole bunch of vultures too.

Tell us a bit about the video for “OB Style” with all the crazy animation. Where was it shot and what was the concept?

Obnoxious: We shot the video up at the Suburban Noize/Regime compound and studio. I was in LA that weekend working on a project with Madchild and we were also filming behind the scenes. It was really crunch time and we wanted to give it that studio freestyle vibe and the effects give it more fun eye candy while I gas out on the track

How is “OB Style” different from previous releases and where does it fit into your body of work?

Obnoxious: The last three singles I released I feel were more on the dark agressive hard bars and hooks. With this one, it’s not the traditional boom bap that I do and it’s not trap either. It has a lot of switch ups and more up tempo than usual but I still kept the punchlines, wordplay, and skill on it so it’ll fit right in with the rest of my catalogue because there is no real method to my madness

You signed with Suburban Noize Record and have been dropping tracks and videos like crazy. Why was that a perfect match for you?

Obnoxious: Since I signed that’s when the real work comes into play. A lot of artists don’t get that, we actually recorded and went through lots of records to pick what we’ve dropped so far. Zinger and the fam let me go hard and create and get just as hype for the new music as me. I’ve always been a huge fan of Subnoize since I was younger and blessed to be in a situation that fits me and doesn’t try to change me. We have So Cal roots, they relate to what I’m doing, and they get me. Other labels want to change you to make you sound like everything on the radio and dress you up, change your style to make you a carbon copy. Suburban Noize lets me be me and create dope music with no boundaries

Tell us a little bit about what’s next for Obnoxious and what you have coming down the pipeline in 2021?

Obnoxious: Expect nothing but more gas, a flood, an entire storm of new music from singles/videos to a side project with Madchild. Just started cooking a track up with Rakaa from Dilated Peoples… These next singles I am dropping are produced by C-Lance who I’ve been wanting to work with forever, I am a big Vinnie Paz fan. Who knows, if the people want it, we might have an Obnoxious album with a tour in 2021. You never know, I am ready to make some noize.

Artist: Obnoxious
Title: OB Style
Producer: The BatKave
Label: Suburban Noize Records

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