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YSaucy’s Saucy Vocals in His Most Recent Release Pain

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In YSaucy’s most recent release Pain, listeners are treated to an approach to rap songs that doesn’t happen often. YSaucy adds a singing element throughout that becomes more apparent as the song progresses

Most rap music today is made up of a couple verses and maybe a couple hooks, but not here on YSaucy’s Pain. Every six bars or so, he adds a singing element to his words, combining his heartfelt rap lyrics with an even more emotional and powerful singing element while still pumping out powerful lyrics.

Making music seriously from a young age, YSaucy’s vocals have strengthened an immense amount throughout the years. Aside from being outside the box with his vocals on this track, it takes a certain level of confidence to take on this task as well as do it successfully. If you can’t rap, sing. If you can’t sing, rap. YSaucy thought, why not try both at the same time? Being a rare occurrence already, this only makes Pain better for everyone listening. It’s an amazing added element that brings this track to its full potential and will definitely be on repeat for many.

You can view the official music video for Pain here as well as follow him on Instagram here

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