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Capo Raf Releases “Big Talk”

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Capo Raf is an independent artist from Long Island, NY that has been surrounded by music since a young age. With influence from his stepfather, who would play different rock genres while he grew up, Capo Raf started writing his own lyrics to songs as early as he can remember. Having a mindset on music, Capo Raf would always dabble in songwriting and music, but it wasn’t until 2019 when Capo Raf started taking music more seriously. His biggest musical inspiration comes from a blend of punk, rock, and hip-hop artists, including artists like My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Drake, Biggie Smalls, Mobb Deep, Chief Keef, and Lil Peep.


Capo Raf has created a unique sound from his inspirations and has joined a niche in music that’s been growing in popularity over recent years. The song “Big Talk” features a heavy, punk-inspired instrumental, and lays in a melodic hip-hop flow over the top. The two-minute track has amassed thousands of streams and has become a Capo Raf fan-favorite. In addition to this track, Capo Raf has just released his latest project, “WILDFIRE” at the beginning of this month. The project features some of the best production and tracks we’ve seen from the rising artist so far.


Find Capo Raf on Instagram here.


Listen to “Big Talk” here.

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