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Ghost9 – “Think Of Dawn”

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K-pop boy band Ghost9 recently marked their debut with the launch of their single “Think of Dawn”, as part of their first mini-album “Pre Episode 1: Door”.
Think Of Dawn features a pop dance track based heavily on hip-hop and dubstep, layered with the members’ unique voices, resulting in a slight departure from the usual K-pop style.
Ghost9 consists of Junhyung Son, Dongjun Hwang, Shin, Kangsung Lee, Junseong Choi, Prince, Woojin Lee, Taeseung Lee, and Jinwoo Lee.
For those who are unfamiliar with the K-pop industry, aspiring artists audition and train under a management company for years. After honing their singing, dancing, and PR skills through vigorous training regimes, the best of the trainees are then grouped together and given their debut.
While it may be bizarre to music fans in the West, this entire process is taken very seriously in South Korea. In Ghost9’s case, they even filmed an entire short film to accompany their debut.

Consider the stunning music video below as your introduction to the slowly-evolving K-pop genre as more artists begin to incorporate hip hop elements into their upcoming releases:

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