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Mariana Velletto Releases New Single “Hold Him Down”

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Mariana Velletto puts passion to paper in her new release “HOLD HIM DOWN”. This half Jamaican, half Italian spicy New Yorker is new to the music scene but she definitely has seasoned qualities and is powered by a team of veteran entertainment pros!
Mariana Velletto comes out swinging with her first major project (that she wrote) under her new label Diamond Empire Production INC. Being the first gem to break under the newly formed label run by successful entrepreneur Rob Diamond and Grammy award-nominated producer Billy Moss, this Ja-talian Hot Gyal definitely got next!
Inspired by Jhene Aiko’s style of using “real emotion and making music easy to connect too” Mariana is ambitious, passionate, and a huge sports car lover! Dropping this single a couple of weeks before her 21st birthday is an epic gift in itself.
“When I wrote the song ‘Hold Him Down’, I put myself in the shoes of having a solid person on my side. The way I expressed myself in this song is the type of energy I would give to somebody if I knew they were doing right by me. I feel like relationships can come with a lot of surprises both bad and good so it’s important to understand each other and have trust. Being with someone and not ever having to doubt them can be hard to find, so if I get that special somebody ima definitely “Hold Him Down”, says Mariana.
“Hold Him Down” is about that special person that makes you feel on a whole other level. That special someone puts you high that you don’t want to lose that feeling or moment, you know that you’re gonna do whatever you gotta do to hold that person down through whatever. It’s about having a solid person, and holding your position as their backbone and their support, backing them in and through whatever season in life while letting everybody around know what your position is.
“Hold Him Down” Written by Mariana Velletto Co-written and Produced By Hernst Krunk Bellevue and Justin Fanus Stream “HOLD HIM DOWN” now on all platforms.

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