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Citizen Schraider keeps Haitian Creole Alive With M’Paka Di’i sa’ ft.Biggy Boy

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The COVID-19 outbreak has put a lot of Artists on hold, some artists canceled concerts, some postponed Albums and tracks, but that hasn’t stopped Citizen Schraider from dropping his love song for the fans.
the song is about a female he loves but don’t know how to tell her, most people used the quote “Love is Blind” but in Schraider situation he just speechless, he’s not blind he knows exactly who he love. Only one problem he don’t know how to explain himself to her.

Citizen Schraider grew up in a Caribbean household surrounded by Kompa, Zouk, Ragga and gravitated toward rap.
he do all type of music but “M’paka Di’l Sa” has some Dancehall flavor to it.
“Haitian music back in the days used to be like three to four minutes, even five minutes” Citizen Schraider notes, “but I don’t have time for this, not just me everybody in general, I want to make short music so I can get my fans attention and people bump music back-to-back. This is the main reason why I make the hook catchy, Haitian teens around my age aren’t going to listen to a song for three to five minutes.”

At this point, leaving Citizen Schraider off of Haitian artist list is kind of ignorance, enough talks. ‘M’paka Di’l Sa’ is OUT and can be listen to these links

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