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5 Best Moments from ThisIs50’s Interview with Method Man

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Once again ThisIs50’s own June Archer sat down with an integral part of the new hit series Power Book II: Ghost on Starz. Method Man delves deep into a multitude of topics and gives some amazing perspectives on acting and music. Here are the 5 Best Moments from that conversation.

  1. “If I’m trying to get turned up especially if theres some shootery going on, shootery I just made a word… “ Method Man was asked about what music he plays to get in the zone for a scene and proceeded to give us a run down of people he would listen to to get into some shootery; honestly how awesome of a word is shootery. He continued “But as long as its Hip Hop, and grimy. It could be like Tech N9ne… or like Bow Wow. Bow got some hard shit, facts.” Method Man of the Wu Tang Clan listening to Bow Wow before busting guns is just something we have to see to believe.
  2. “I slept on my managers couch.” You would think that a multi-platinum selling artist wouldn’t take these measures when deciding to fully invest his time into acting, but Method Man did. Method Man went super deep explaining his process into becoming an actor and how splitting time between music and acting wasn’t working for him. He highlights actually doing the work in acting classes and going on auditions while sleeping on his managers couch for a month after getting back into acting after his initial foray.
  3. “C.R.E.A.M, absolutely C.R.E.A.M.” When asked what is his favorite Wu Tang song to perform, Method Man answers without a moments hesitation. He follows by breaking down exactly how the meteoric climb of Wu Tang started. “Cuz thats really what put us on the map, Protect Ya Neck got us in the door, Method Man got us noticed, but C.R.E.A.M solidified us.”
  4. “Producing, because I believe sometimes when film and TV get it wrong, especially when it comes to our culture, its because they don’t have anyone from our culture in that office.” June Archer inquired about the next steps in his career and Method Man provided a super articulate and thought out answer showing you exactly why he was so heavily respected as an MC he puts words together amazingly on top of being calculated enough to see a problem and knowing what he will do to fix.
  5. “If you’re really good at something, and you know you’re really good at something and people agree…don’t let nothing stop you, kick them fucking doors down…excuse my French” T top it all off, some wise words from a wise man. Something everyone especially myself need to hear, inspirational quotes from Tical just hit different when you understand where he came from and where he is now.

Amazing job by June Archer to help us understand the greatness of one of Hip Hops greatest MC’s. Check out the full interview here

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