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Tray Wilkerson – “Bucket

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Cali Rapper Tray Wilkerson puts his passion and life experiences into his music. He is greatly influenced by the people around him and his environment when creating songs.

In the beginning of his life, things weren’t easy. He grew up without his mother and father from an early age. He stayed strong until he finally emancipated himself when he was old enough to do so.

This young star later decided to become an artist because of a dear friend of his named Saeed. Tray told his friend whom he met while working in a warehouse, that he never considered rapping when it was suggested of him. Shortly after, the two friends met up at a recording studio named, RJ Full Range studios, located in Moreno Valley, CA, and laid down a track together. This was the catalyst to the beginning of Tray’s music career.

Tray knew deep down inside that music was going to be his career because of how easy it was to make a song and a hook. It also helped greatly during his transition that fans started to gravitate towards the first song he ever recorded. He knew from that point forward that he was going to hit the game hard!

Tray’s biggest influences in the music industry are Future, Gunna, the late Juice World and the late iconic singer Marvin Gaye.

The global pandemic was the reason why Tray started taking music much more seriously. Since everything was at a standstill, he made a song about his new whip, a bucket! His new single “Bucket” was made simply by making the purchase of the car and being inspired. Ever since then he’s been “Slidin’“ which is the name of his solo project.

Tray currently has one EP out with his friend Saeed Love titled ‘Tropicana’ and plans to release a new solo project called ‘Slidin’’ this October. He expects for it to be a hit.

For the last quarter Tray plans on releasing a load of visuals to follow up the release of his project and continue recording. So stay tuned because this is only the beginning!

Check out Tray Wilkerson’s new visual inspired by his car, “Bucket,” below and follow him on Instagram @tray_wilkerson.

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