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G-ARA Graze Brings New Music – “Numbers” and “Different Breed”

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Devonte Howard, professionally known as G-ARA Graze, is an American rapper, songwriter and businessman. He found his passion for music at the age of eight, while listening to his older siblings rap.

Graze is working on an EP titled “Different Breed” and releasing his new single “Numbers”. The project will be released by November of 2020, and his supporters are looking forward to it. G-ARA Graze’s vision of music is completely different from others from his aggressive lyrics to heartfelt style.

His lyrics inspire fans and give listeners a taste of real hip hop. Growing up, Graze’s most favorite and inspiring artists were Jay Z, DMX and Eminem, which he feels his lyrics are an amalgamation of all three. The artist’s goal is to become one of the greatest MCs of all time, and he is headed towards just that.

Instagram: @garagraze

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